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  • Breakfast with Law: „The Right Compliance Program to Protect your Company!“

    04. 03. 2019

    On Friday, March 1, AK Felix a spol. held its Breakfast with Law under the title "The Right Compliance Program to Protect your Company!" The purpose of the morning meeting was to explain criminal liability of legal persons and the options for exoneration. Participants learnt how a properly implemented compliance program in the form of an internal regulation can protect both the assets and the goodwill of a legal entity.

    Through concrete examples and case studies, JUDr. Roman Felix and Mgr. Ondřej Ambrož showed to what extent a properly designed compliance program can function as an effective defense of the company in case of its criminal prosecution. In their presentations, they also explained that criminal charges against companies are not unrealistic at present and do not necessarily have to be a result of failure on the part of the statutory bodies of the company but simply on the part of individual employees. If you want to learn more, read JUDr. Roman Felix´s article titled "Does my Company Really Need a Compliance Program?" which appeared in the January issue of Retail News.

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