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  • Felix a spol. to become a member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce

    14. 03. 2019

    Felix a spol. has become a member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce following a long-term collaboration between the law firm and the Chamber. Last year, lawyers of Felix a spol. held specialized seminars for the Czech Chamber of Commerce, namely on data protection issues (GDPR). Enhanced cooperation whereby Felix a spol. would become the chief legal advisor to the Chamber is being discussed.

    The Chamber of Commerce has 15,000 members and it is the chief representative of the business community and also the sole legal representative of entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic. The Chamber advocates for the interests of businesses from all regions and from all spheres with the exception of agriculture, food and forestry (this activity is performed by the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic). The mission of the Chamber of Commerce is to create opportunities for businesses, to promote and support measures which contribute to the advancement of entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic and thus to the overall economic stability of the country.

    „he Chamber of Commerce“

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