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  • Lawyers' Ball 2019

    03. 04. 2019

    As part of our long-term collaboration with the „VŠEHRD“ association, AK Felix a spol. had the honor being a partner to the „Lawyers' Ball 2019“The event took place on Saturday, March 23rd, 2019, in the Municipal House and our firm was represented by Mgr. Adam Felix, LL.M.

    The Lawyers' Ball, founded by the Všehrd Association of Czech Lawyers, is a traditional culmination of the year for both the legal community and the wider public. Leading figures of the Czech bar, judiciary, professional chambers, academic sphere, and public life meet at this annual event. The profits from this year's Ball will be donated for the further development of the interior of the Law Faculty of the Charles University in Prague, the particulars of which should be determined by an architectural competition. The importance of this event is evident in the fact that the President of the Czech Constitutional Court, JUDr. Pavel Rychetský, dr. h. c., Mgr. Jan Chab, councilor of the capital city of Prague, and Minister of Justice JUDr. Jan Kněžínek, Ph.D., have all provided auspices for the event.

    Thanks to the support of our partners, the hard work of members of Všehrd, and the support of the Faculty of Law, the Lawyers' Ball is among the most important cultural events in Prague. The 2019 annual Ball saw a rich program in all the three halls of the Municipal House, moderated by the legendary Alexander Hemala. The program featured the West Bohemian Symphonic Orchestra from Mariánské Lázně, Karel Vlach Orchestra, Jan Smigmátor, Dasha, Martin Chodúr and others. Our firm provided a practical gift for all the attendees in the form of vitamins for morning recuperation, for which we received positive feedback and praise for an original idea.

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