Michaela Ulrychová

marketing and public relations manager


+420 251 081 128

Ing. Michaela Ulrychová represents Felix a spol. in marketing, PR and Customer Relationship Management.

Michaela Ulrychová is responsible for the Customer Relationship Management, marketing and PR agenda. You can contact Michaela to offer participation at seminars and conferences, with promotional offers and in PR matters.

Ing. Michaela Ulrychová has experience in production and public sector marketing. She worked for eight years as head of the production and marketing department in two Prague companies, then for seven years in the government sector, namely at the District Court for Prague 10 and at the Ministry of the Interior as head of the marketing department and head of the hotel and spa division. She has been back in the private sector since 2013 and a member of Felix a spol. team since 2017.