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  • Civil Law

    We offer comprehensive legal services, including a full range of services in the field of civil law.

    Come to us for legal advice when negotiating, changing or terminating contracts, as well as asserting claims resulting from breaches of contractual or other obligations. We will draft and/or review legal agreements as well as other written documents. We will act for you and on your behalf and represent you at any forum. We will defend your interests in connection with court or out-of-court settlements of disputes.

    Our services in the field of civil law include:

    • protection of intellectual property
    • protection of personal rights
    • personal data protection
    • legal aspects of real estate ownership and tenancy
    • ownership rights, liens and easements
    • leases and subleases
    • rights and obligations of housing cooperatives´ members
    • consumer protection
    • liability for damage to property or health
    • healthcare law
    • unjust enrichment
    • asset management and property settlement
    • successions
    • family law
    • property arrangement between spouses

    Talk to us about your legal issues.


    Ideas are not tangible, yet have a particular value. One should think of protecting one´s intellectual property from unauthorized abuse and of creating a platform to reap the benefits of one´s intellectual and creative endeavors.

    Our services in the field of intellectual property protection include:

    • protection of literary production, fine arts works and other artistic products
    • protection of software
    • drafting of license agreements for copyright and other intellectual property rights
    • trademark registration, registration of industrial designs and or utility models and inventions
    • assertion of claims resulting from violation of copyright and other intellectual property rights

    We know how to protect your ideas.


    With advanced computer technologies becoming more available and used on a mass scale, issues surrounding data protection have become highly topical. Relying on the knowledge and expertise of one of our lawyers, formerly the director of the legal department of the Office for Personal Data Protection, Felix a spol. provides services of the highest quality in this area.

    Our services in the field of personal data protection include:

    • thorough analysis of data processing procedures in your company and following recommendations
    • personal data processing in connection with labor relations – at competitions, during employment, and after its termination
    • terms and conditions for handling birth numbers, numbers of ID cards and passports
    • comprehensive legal advice in connection with processing personal data from CCTV and other such devices
    • processing of personal data by businesses, collection of personal data of clients, patients, business partners
    • in-house rules and documentation for personal data protection
    • personal data processing for the purpose of solicitation of business or for marketing purposes
    • personal data management for direct mailing of commercial communications
    • legal aspects of cross-border handing over of personal data, internal rules, representations in proceedings concerning permission to hand over personal date to third countries
    • legal support in connection with registration of the data processing function, representation in the registration proceedings and in situation when permission to process personal data is denied
    • representation in administrative proceedings in connection with matters regarding personal data processing and protection thereof
    • representation before courts in connection with claims resulting from personal data processing

    Legal advice to personal data controllers, processors and subjects.


    In the area of healthcare law, we provide a number of specific legal services to a wide range of clients, such as healthcare clinics, healthcare providers, patients, as well as producers and distributors of medicinal products and medical devices. We offer a unique know how based on continuous monitoring of laws and regulations covering medical devices and related issues.

    Our services in the field of healthcare law, including drafting of documents and submissions as well as representation, cover:

    • healthcare provision issues, payment systems and relations with health insurance companies
    • protection of patients´ rights
    • lege artis and related issues
    • private-law and public-law liability
    • processing of human tissue and cells
    • production and sale of medicines and other pharmaceutical products
    • informed consent
    • healthcare documentation, its maintenance and safekeeping, and related issues
    • special healthcare services
    • measures and regulations covering data protection in connection with provision of healthcare

    We cover all legal aspects of healthcare.

    Labor Law

    High-quality internal rules and regulations, robust employment contracts and precise job descriptions are a basis of a long-term, satisfactory, and first and foremost functional relationship between the employer and the employee. Well-drafted manager´s contract serves as a motivation to your executives to increase effectiveness and have responsible approach. As regards labor law and employment law, we cover a wide spectrum of services from solving day-to-day problems of both employers and employees to disputes in the area of labor law. We can give you professional advice in the field of health and safety at workplace; we can help you in connection with changes or termination of employment and with health insurance and social security issues. We can sort out posting of workers abroad and/or employing of foreigners in the Czech Republic.

    Our comprehensive services in the field of labor law include:

    • internal guidelines, workplace rules, payroll and other regulations
    • labor-law issues in connection with reorganization or sale of enterprise
    • directors´ contracts
    • managers´ contracts, appointments to management positions
    • individual and model employment contracts
    • agreements to complete a job, contracts for work
    • terminations of employment
    • social security and health insurance issues
    • employment of foreigners, posting of workers abroad
    • health protection and labor safety at workplace
    • collective agreements, work councils
    • employees´ benefits and taxes
    • remuneration schemes and reimbursement of travel expenses
    • occupational diseases, work-related medical services
    • legal aspect of data protection
    • labor-law disputes before courts, labor-law claims

    We know all about labor law and employment.


    In the area of commercial law, we offer a full range of legal services, from day-to-day comprehensive legal advice and administration of corporate matters for our long-term clients, to drafting of contracts, negotiating contracts, drafting and reviewing documents, assessing legal risks, legal analysis, legal due diligence, legal opinions and positions, representation at meetingswith business partners, public and other bodies, and to exaction of claims and collection of business receivables. We provide running legal advice to more than 50 returning clients, most of them being branch offices of foreign or multinational companies in the Czech Republic.

    Domestic and international commercial disputes are our daily business. When representing clients before courts and other bodies in the Czech Republic and abroad, we analyze each case in detail and assess potential risks, then draft complaints, appeals and other written submissions. In addition, we handle alternative dispute resolution, conciliation and mediation.

    Our clients appreciate both our efficient service and our specific know-how bases on professional experience and skill of our lawyers.

    Our specific services in the field of commercial law include:

    • incorporations, changes and dissolutions of companies, winding-up
    • changes in registered capital
    • law of holding companies
    • mergers and acquisitions
    • restructurings and transformations of companies
    • shareholders´ agreements
    • legal aspects of corporate management (corporate governance) and directors´ liability
    • doing business and investing in the Czech Republic
    • banking and finance, stock markets and securities, insurance business
    • public procurement
    • economic competition and its abuse, unfair competition
    • due diligence
    • trade secret
    • collection of business receivables
    • credits and loans, including security
    • franchizing
    • Company Registry issues
    • representation before courts and arbitration tribunals

    We professionally take care of all aspects of your business.


    We offer legal advice for all real-estate transactions and to construction industry in general, for PPP projects, real-estate developments as well as single projects, sale, purchase and lease of residential and commercial properties, including legal assistance in public tenders and in connection with financing. Among our clients are developers and realtors as well as construction companies and private individuals. We provide running comprehensive legal support to real-estate businesses and traders in connection with property management, real-estate development and construction site management. Our services cover all legal aspects of the development project from its careful preparation to final execution and launch into operation. We possess thorough knowledge of the Czech real-estate market specificities, such as privatization, property restitutions and environmental damage issues. We will draft your contracts and other documents in connection with new developments as well as renovations of existing buildings.

    Whether you want to execute a single real-estate transaction or build a private residence, we will extend the necessary support. We can assist you with real-estate transfers and leases and negotiate and draft the relevant documentation.

    We will sort out all legal aspects of underlying financing.

    Our services in the field of real-estate and construction law cover the entire range of business:

    • legal advice in connection with real-estate acquisitions and financing, refinancing of existing loans
    • legal due diligence with respect to real estate
    • legal implications of environmental damage and other environmental issues
    • drafting of contracts and other legal documents for real-estate transfers, leases, liens and other encumbrances
    • legal advice in connection with zoning, construction permits and cadastral issues
    • transfers of government guarantees for removal of environmental damage
    • negotiating and drafting of contracts and other legal documents for project design and construction
    • drafting of contracts and other legal documents in connection with transfers or leases of real estate, property management
    • representation in connection with real-estate related disputes

    Our efficient legal advice is focused on the client´s needs and interests.


    Attorneys at Felix a spol. have extensive experience with legal advice to road and rail transportation companies as well as forwarding agencies. On regular basis we cover private and public law issues arising from this relatively specific enterprise, advising clients on all aspects of their business stemming from public law regulations or contractual obligations and in their dealings with government agencies as well as with business partners. Our office has successfully represented clients in disputes in connection with national and international transportation and shipping. We provide legal support in connection with operation and management of large car fleets.

    Our services in the field of transportation law include:

    • legal advice to road and rail transportation operators
    • drafting of relevant agreements and enforcement of obligations therefrom
    • legal support in connection with operation and management of car fleets
    • representation of persons involved in traffic accidents
    • representation before public administration bodies responsible for transportation

    Anything for your transportation without legal accidents.

    Insolvency law

    Insolvency law is one of the most complex areas of our legal system with strictly formalized procedures and processes across all phases of the insolvency proceedings. The slightest omission can lead to procedural failure of a party, with serious liability consequences for people who unsuccessfully pursued their claims. Qualified legal representation is a necessary precondition for successful application of client´s claims and defense of their interests throughout the procedure.

    We provide representation at all stages of insolvency proceedings, based on our long-term experience with all types of agendas including disputes.

    Last but not least, we provide our clients with protection against bullying insolvency petitions, given that effective defense against such petitions, which are filed merely as part of the competition fight, helps eliminate losses of reputation as well as material losses of businesses harmed by such petitions.

    Key services provided in connection with insolvency proceedings:

    • Filing of insolvency petitions
    • Processing of applications and administration of claims
    • Representing the interests of receivers, creditors, debtors or third parties throughout the course of the insolvency proceedings
    • Protection against bullying insolvency petitions
    • Representation in incidental disputes
    • Recovery of damages from those responsible for the bankruptcy.

    We will help you get everything that rightfully belongs to you!


    A small detail, a tiny omission, may cause an exclusion from a tender and thus your failure. We will assist you with all legal matters related to drafting a public procurement bid or a bid for the private sector. Conversely, if you are a contracting authority, we will assist with setting the tender requirements and conditions so that you find a contractor to suit your needs.

    Our clients in this area include construction companies, audience research agencies, energy suppliers and IT firms.

    Our specific services in the field of public procurement include:

    • preparing and compiling necessary documentation for public procurement tenders according to entry specifications
    • consultations throughout the tendering process
    • legal advice to contracting authorities
    • representation of clients in tenders
    • representation of clients in disputes arising from public procurement

    Breeze through public tenders.


    Four of the company´s partners had worked as banking lawyers in the past. In that capacity, they provided legal advice to newly established banks, a building society, investment companies and funds as well as other financial institutions and thus have extensive expertise and experience with banking and finance issues. We offer regular and comprehensive legal advice to two banking institutions which rank among the largest on the Czech market.

    Having the necessary professional knowledge of the structures and functioning of the banking sector and of the internal mechanisms in a financial institution, we will draft your sample contracts and other documents as well as the bank´s terms and conditions, and individual agreements for one-time transactions. We possess rich experience and expertise in the area of project financing, syndicated loans and other financial transactions as well as in the area of securities.

    We provide legal advice in connection with domestic and international taxation. To that end, we cooperate with tax experts.

    Our specific services in the field of banking and finance include but are not limited to:

    • legal advice to banks, insurance and investment companies
    • legal advice to private investors
    • drafting of sample contracts and other documents in connection with banking transactions and related legal deeds
    • drafting of credit agreements and other bank product agreements such as leasing, loans, etc.
    • security agreements over obligations
    • management and transfers of receivables
    • collection of receivables
    • legal advice on taxation and fees
    • legal advice in customs and foreign-exchange law
    • legal advice and representation before tax authorities or in financial arbitration

    Consult us about the legal aspects of the financial world.


    Save your time and do not waste it on dealing with bureaucracy. We will take care of your business with government agencies and offices swiftly, professionally and efficiently. Our lawyers will take care of land records registrations, tax filings, as well as your registration and notification duties.

    Our lawyers will take care of your business with these government offices:

    • land records
    • tax authorities
    • social security administration
    • Office for the Protection of Competition
    • Industrial Property Office
    • Office for Personal Data Protection
    • regional and local governments

    The stress of waiting at governmental and other offices becomes part of the past.


    As much as it is very unpleasant for you, we are here for you to help you solve the most complicated situations. Our lawyers provide top quality legal advice and services, and they are prepared to represent you in criminal matters as well as in administrative infractions proceedings. We provide comprehensive legal services not only to defendants but also to victims of crime.

    Our services in the field of criminal law include:

    • risk prevention and mitigation in connection with possible criminal liability
    • superior results in criminal defense, particularly in the area of economic crime
    • representation in administrative infractions proceedings
    • legal assistance to victims of crime
    • human rights protection including practical experience before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

    We can help you get justice.

    Services to Private Clientele and Family Businesses

    We provide our clients with legal services relating to personal and family matters, including private asset protection and inheritance and succession planning, with the aim to safeguard and increase the value of family assets. Based on our extensive experience, we cover various aspects of governance of family businesses, legal succession, detachment of ownership from corporate management, etc. We provide comprehensive solutions for separation and divorce litigations, legal services relating to the exercise of "status rights" and the enforcement and implementation of parental rights.

    Highly discreet and sensitive to the need of strictly confidential approach, our services to private clients include namely:

    • services to family businesses
    • legal succession
    • trust funds
    • wills, testaments and inheritance agreements
    • status rights (paternity establishment or denial)
    • representation in inheritance proceedings or inheritance disputes
    • alimony and child support
    • settlement of joint property of spouses and custody and visitation rights to minor children.

    We help you handle complex life situations effectively and discreetly.