Roman Felix

attorney-at-law, managing partner

+420 251 081 111

JUDr. Roman Felix focuses on commercial and banking law, as well as information technology law and construction and real estate law.

During his professional career in the judiciary, banking sector and as a member of the bar, Roman Felix has gained extensive experience across various legal disciplines, which he capitalizes on in his practice, including compliance programs, banking and security law, public procurement, real estate and construction law, including complex legal services for real estate development projects.

He has achieved significant results in the area of procedural law in representing clients before courts in complex cases as well as in disputes over large sums of money. His core professional interests also include information technology law, where he has worked alongside the world’s largest and smaller Czech software companies in the delivery of IT to key Czech companies and public administration.

For many years, he has been the head of a team of lawyers that has represented the Czech government and continuously advises the Czech authorities in a number of arbitration and court proceedings involving transactions totaling tens of billions of Czech crowns. He also provides legal representation in cases of major importance or media notoriety, e.g. he represented a Czech municipality before the Supreme Administrative Court and the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic in reviewing the constitutionality of municipal elections and in disputes over the ownership and release of the Slav Epic.

JUDr. Roman Felix has worked in the judiciary and the banking sector. First as the director of the legal department and a member of the management of Komerční banka, then as the head lawyer of the newly-established Czech branch of the Austrian bank Creditanstalt. He stood at the birth of the establishment of banking standards in the Czech Republic, both at the legislative level and in the creation of internal banking rules and legal documentation for newly-introduced banking products. He is the founder and managing partner of Felix a spol.