Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer comprehensive legal advice and administration of corporate matters.

Corporate Law

We provide full range of services including drafting and negotiating contracts, drafting and reviewing documents, assessing legal risks, legal analyses, legal due diligence, legal opinions and positions, representation at meetings with business partners, public and other bodies, exacting claims and collecting receivables. We provide running legal advice to more than 90 returning clients, most of them being branch offices of foreign or multinational companies in the Czech Republic.

Domestic and international commercial disputes are our daily business. When representing clients before courts and other bodies in the Czech Republic and abroad, we analyse each case in detail and assess potential risks, then draft complaints, appeals and other written submissions. In addition, we handle alternative dispute resolution, conciliation and mediation.

  • incorporations, changes and dissolutions of companies, winding-up
  • changes in registered capital
  • law of holding companies
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • restructurings and transformations of companies
  • shareholders´ agreements
  • legal aspects of corporate management (corporate governance) and directors´ liability
  • doing business and investing in the Czech Republic · banking and finance, stock markets and securities, insurance business · public procurement
  • economic competition and its abuse, unfair competition
  • due diligence
  • trade secret
  • collection of business receivables
  • credits and loans, including security
  • franchizing
  • Company Register issues
  • representation before courts and arbitration tribunals, alternative dispute resolution

Mergers and Acquisitions

We have assisted in a number of key mergers and acquisitions, transformations and restructurings in the Czech market, including transactions involving major companies operating mainly in banking and finance, as well as construction, industrial, telecommunications and IT sectors.

We provide legal services for all standard types of mergers and acquisitions, in particular mergers, consolidations, divisions and other company transformations, sale of assets, shares, or a business or any part thereof or lease of a business or any part thereof.

  • through preparation of the transaction´s structure;
  • legal services in connection with regional acquisitions;
  • legal due diligence;
  • industry-relevant expertise in setting up the transaction´s structure;
  • drafting and negotiation of the transaction documents;
  • checking compliance with relevant legal regulations;
  • post-transaction advisory services.

We take care of all legal aspects of your business with utmost professionalism.