Criminal Law, Damages and Administrative Infractions

If you contact us, you will have the chance to consult top specialist in the field; we offer comprehensive legal services whether you are accused of a crime, fall victim of a crime, appear as a witness, or are summoned to provide an explanation to law enforcement. We will defend you and act for you in proceedings involving crimes or administrative infractions.


We offer comprehensive legal services whether you are accused of a crime, fall victim of a crime, appear as a witness, or are summoned to provide an explanation, etc.

We act for the accused and defendants in all phases of criminal proceedings, including alternative procedures available in criminal proceedings, i.e. procedures that are aimed to avoid conviction of the accused subject to the compensation of the damage caused to the victim.

We will act for you before law enforcement bodies and courts; we represent victims of crimes, prepare professional report on crime and provide legal counselling to avoid violations of law in the area of economic, property and violent crime, representation in self-defense cases and motor vehicle accident cases.

  • legal consultancy to prevent risks arising from any criminal liability that the clients may incur
  • superior results in criminal defense, particularly in the area of economic crime
  • drafting reports on crime
  • legal services for victims of crimes
  • experience in human rights protection, including representation before the European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg
  • representation in proceedings involving administrative infractions

We will act for you in a follow-up court case. Going to court may be both expensive and time-consuming.

  • assessing the prospects of success of the client’s claim or a claim enforced against the client
  • acting for the client in court disputes involving any area of law
  • acting for the client in out-of-court settlement cases and drafting settlement agreements
  • debt enforcement, including representation in the enforcement proceedings

We will assist you in enforcing any damages claims, as well as other procedural rights and entitlements. If clients are acquitted or if the criminal proceedings are discontinued, we enforce damages and compensation for injury to property or person caused by unlawful criminal prosecution.

  • damage resulting from a crime
  • accidents at work
  • occupational diseases
  • medical malpractice
  • death
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • property damage
  • reduced payments of insurance claims
  • damage caused by breaches of contract
  • damages sought from the state

We will help you get justice.


We offer comprehensive legal services and we will represent you if

  • you have committed a traffic infraction or have been summoned to provide an explanation;
  • you have committed a crime while driving a motor vehicle or caused an accident;
  • you are charged with a different administrative infraction, face administrative proceedings or deal with other issues with public authorities,
  • a public authority has issued a decision which you believe to be unrightfully detrimental to you.

We will defend your rights before public authorities and government bodies.