Housing Cooperatives and Associations of (Housing) Unit Owners („SVJ“)

We cover the entire legal agenda and provide comprehensive services for housing cooperatives and SVJ´s with regard to contracts, disputes and other needs that are inseparably linked with the cooperative or SVJ administration.

Do not hesitate to turn to us: we will organize a no-obligation meeting to discuss all the ways in which we can assist you in facilitating the operation of your cooperative or SVJ.

We will make sure that all legal requirements are met (e.g. holding of membership meetings etc.) in accordance with applicable legislation. We always strive to ensure legal security of your entity and of the persons acting for it.

We are at your disposal if you plan to form a housing cooperative or an SVJ and wish to have everything perfectly prepared, if you have to deal with unpaid fees of your members or if you want to have professionally drafted by-laws of the cooperative or SVJ, not only formally correct but also practicable and functional to ensure the smooth operation of your entity.