Personal Data Protection (GDPR) and Whistleblowing

We offer top-quality legal services drawing on the experience of doc. JUDr. Jakub Morávek, Ph.D., our law firm’s partner and attorney-at-law, who used previously served as the Head of Legal Department of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

GDPR Consultancy

We offer consultancy related to personal data protection (GDPR) and other related areas, e.g. employment and consumer relations (CCTV systems, monitoring online activities of employees, e-shops, loyalty schemes, customer profiling, etc.).


We will help you with a data protection audit and prepare any data protection documents (policies, consents, privacy notices etc.) as well as employment documents (employment rules, whistleblowing policies).

Employee Training

We will provide training for your managers and employees both in terms of personal data protection and compliance. We will provide training for your data protection officer. We will prepare for you a plan of activities to comply with the GDPR and compliance legislation. We will propose specific organizational, systemic and technical measures. We will prepare templates of any other documents you may need.

For us, personal data protection includes, without limitation:

  • analysing the processes involved in personal data processing and consultancy services for controllers, processors as well as data subjects;
  • personal data processing in employment relations (clients, patients, business partners), for the purpose of offering goods and services as well as for marketing purposes;
  • drafting internal policies and documents;
  • redefining the rules for handling personal identification numbers, identity cards and passports;
  • comprehensive legal services in relation to processing personal data by CCTV systems and similar technologies;
  • legal aspects of transfers of personal data abroad, acting for clients in proceedings to transfer personal data to third countries;
  • legal services related to personal data processing registration, representation in registration proceedings or in proceedings to deny personal data processing;
  • acting for clients in administrative and court proceedings related to personal data processing.

We work closely with GDPR Certifikace a Compliance s.r.o. to provide a full range of services in the area of GDPR and personal data protection.


Compliance Programs

Personal data protection is often part of the Compliance Programs. We will engage criminal law experts to explain how corporate criminal liability works. We will draw up the Compliance Policy for your company to avoid incurring corporate criminal liability. See HERE to read more about Compliance Programs.


What is whistleblowing and who is required to implement a whistleblowing policy?

What are the duties and penalties companies may face from December 2021? To find out, read the article by doc. JUDr. Jakub Morávek, Ph.D. available here